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Table of Contents

Book I : Epiphany

General Introduction
1. A Tear in the Matrix
2. Escharotics: 500 Years of Suppression
3. Alpha Omega Labs
The Triumph of Medical Science Over Politics & Greed
From Inception to The FDA Raid & Closedown
To Our Triumphal Reopening
4. Embarrassment of Riches
How I Learned that Suppression is the
Medical Profession's Most Enduring Legacy:
A Quick Review of the Astonishing Number of
Effective Cancer Cures; the Conflict
This Poses to Our Common Narrative; and
How it Contributes to Understanding the Defects
in our Cultural Operating System.

Special Comparative Case Study:
A Short History of Scurvy
And the Suppression of Hypoascorbemia
Book II : A Brief People's History
of Medicine

5. Seed Corrupted
The Thesis of a Corrupted "Global Cultural Operating System" (GCOS)
6. Primitive Medicine
Simple, Effective Systems of Healing Would and Could Not Prevail Under the Current GCOS

(The rest of Book II, plus Books 3 through 5, are all work in progress)

BOOK III --- Synecdoche

BOOK IV --- Unifying Principles

BOOK V --- Defining Medicine in the New Era


Greg Caton -- Meditopia author
Greg Caton is the author of meditopia.org and this online book. He founded Alpha Omega Labs and operated the company under the pseudonym, James Carr. He is the author of hundreds of articles on alternative medicine and nutrition. He was arrested on September 17, 2003 for his work involving Alpha Omega Labs, the subject of the first three chapters of the book.
Meditopia, both the site and the book, is a "work in progress," considered by the author to be a first draft. The first two chapters were written in the summer of 2004, prior to re-imprisonment on September 24 of that year. What follows thereafter is material re-written while imprisoned (September 24, 2004 to March 13, 2006), and during the aftermath.
The author is "survived" by his wife, Cathryn Caton, N.D., and son, Myron.
A brief bio can be found online at gregcaton.com.

The Complete Meditopia First Draft Notes - Chap. 5 - 17
(written May 30, 2004 to September 23, 2004)
" In the summer of 2004 I was briefly out on bond before going back to prison -- (discussed in considerable length in the current chapter 3). During this brief freedom, I created an initial draft of Meditopia -- all in HTML with graphics. The original three chapters have been rewritten and appear above. Chapters 4 through 17 below will be merged into latter chapters of the current rewrite." -- GJC
  • Chapter 4 -- Introduction to the Unifying Principles
  • Chapter 5 -- Entropy & Caton's Exosomatic Axis
  • Chapter 6 -- Occam's Razor & The Power of Simple Solutions
  • Chapter 7 -- Gresham's Law: Its Treacherous Application
  • Chapter 8 -- "The Matrix" As Applied to Medicine
  • Chapter 9 -- Healing Thoughts & The Power of M-Fields
  • Chapter 10 -- Medicine & The Law of Evolutionary Potential
  • Chapter 11 -- Organized Medicine: A Terminal Disease. Collaries of Parkinson's Law
  • Chapter 12 -- Democratic Infrastructure & Political Vortices
  • Chapter 13 -- Networking Politi-Cells: Political Structure of a Meditopia
  • Chapter 14 -- Technological Development of a Meditopia: Protecting Lower Entropy Technologies
  • Chapter 15 -- Meditopia & Cultural Infrastructure
  • Chapter 16 -- Meditopia: The Inevitable Collapse and the Rebirth that will follow. Opportunity in the wake of 'die-off'
  • Chapter 17 -- Epilogue (farewell before going back to prison: Sept. 24, 2008).