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General Introduction

"This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on."
Oswald Spengler
"When an animal dies, it leaves behind his skin.
When a man dies, all he leaves behind is his reputation."
Korean Proverb

The composition of Meditopia took place in two is no mean feat. In reviewing the current contents (and since, like most authors, I find myself writing the Introduction last) I find a wealth of regretable omission -- but not for lack of want . . . and the issue is time.
For the eight months that I was held in prison as a "flight risk" by federal agents (from September 17, 2003 to May 27, 2004) the general structure of the book and its sub-themes was created in mente. Since I have had four months between May and my new FDA-related prison sentence, starting September 24th, that left the actual research and composition with all too little time to do the project justice. Using the adage, "Necessity is the mother of invention," as a hopeful supplication for just a little divine inspiration (and speed), I have attempted to treat the urgency of our time as justification for taking what little freedom I have left and translating that into a meaningful bequeathment of the many blessings and bountiful learning experience that my association with Alpha Omega Labs brought me.
Meditopia is about a "place" of healing -- for ourselves, for our environment, for the earth. The primary focus, however, is taking the unspeakable depth of corruption that has befallen our "health care system" (the cruelest misnomer and most propaganda-laden oxymoron I have ever heard), learning from its tragedy, understanding why its obliteration is a mathematical certainty (even if the "when" or the exact "trigger event" is debatable), and resurrecting a true system of health care from its ashes.
If there were some other publication or online document that addressed these issues in a coherent, cohesive way -- bringing together the many diverse areas of thought and practice that would contribute to such a vision and unify its many branches, I would be its most active proponent and cheerleading activist. For a man in my circumstances, it is infinitely easier to promote someone else's work than to go to the trouble of producing your own -- at considerable expense and with no remuneration of any kind in sight, other than the deep-seated conviction that you could, in the aftermath, stare into the face of your Creator and say that you had completed your mission to the best of your earthly abilities.
If this other document exists, I am not aware of it.
And so you have Meditopia.

The "online book" version, as presented herein, is offered for critique to the public. Compared to my vision of the finished product, what you see before you is the barest outline. As a result of this approach, feedback is encouraged by emailing support@meditopia.org, using the Alpha Omega Labs' email page, or sending snail mail to our postal box. It is hoped this will evolve into a book in hard copy for publication in 2006. Various vested interests (most particularly the Medical Industrial Complex -- including the pharmaceutical companies, AMA, NCI, NAS, and their collective henchmen at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) have enormous interests in suppressing and/or misrepresenting the message -- (and the fact is, they have done so repeatedly). For this reason, I have created a download page, from which you can extract all the files from this site for safekeeping.
Meditopia is divided into five sections, or Books.
Book I ("Epiphany") provides a personal background so that you know the life experiences that brought me to this point. Chapter 4 provides the transition to a historical foundation for my conclusions.
Book II is called "A Brief People's History of Medicine," and identifies previously established suppression patterns as running throughout the entire course of medicine's history. This study makes the later chapters of the book more understandable.
Book III ("Synecdoche") extends the findings in the first two books to show that these patterns exist in every nook and crevice of what we now know as civilization. If a physician draws blood from a malaria patient, it doesn't matter if the blood comes from the leg, arm, neck or buttocks. The correct diagnosis will be the same. Likewise, if my conclusions are correct, they must be put to the test. I use synecdoche to solidify my positions and make them irrefutable.
Book IV ("Unifying Principles") provides what I believe is the most rigorous philosophy to date as to the inherent elements that would be required for a "health care system" that was true to its name -- beyond corruption, beyond greed, beyond politics, and well beyond the din of the current holocaust that is killing millions of people in the hope of extracting every last penny it can from their pockets, purses, wallets, savings accounts, insurance policies, and personal estates. Having identified first, the problem, and then the principles that bridge this with the best solution, Book V ("Path to a Solution") gives my thoughts as to a way out.
The coverage within the content, particularly as it relates to the fourth and fifth books, is such that the material sometimes seems "stretched" -- as if too many concepts are covered with too much brevity. This has resulted in "spaces" in which the reader is left with "intuitive leaps" that must be spanned to get the full effect of the material presented. This is a regretable consequence of the forementioned short time I was let out of prison -- (and, even at that, I was a very blessed. The federal judge in my case told me that he had not let someone free on bond "in over ten years.") If I survive prison and don't get "Wilhelm Reich'd," 1, I will rectify this problem. (And for those of you in the U.S. who think we don't have torture and staged suicides, read Jay & Jo Kimball's site. Nothing occurred in those Iraqi prisons that was not business as usual -- read William Blum 2, . . . and weep.)
Included in the final book are my short-term predictions as to what we can expect to see in the alternative health care movement in the next few years. There is nothing psychically prescient about this -- it is rather the distillation of my observations and what I believe pure reason would lead us to believe. To see a storm in the distance heading your way requires no great etheric or noetic powers to see imminent showers as strongly possible.
For those of you who, like myself and my family, have had to endure the brutal brunt of a corrupt system grasping to maintain hegemony, and destroying everything wholesome and life-supporting in its attempt to do so, you have our heartfelt condolences and well wishes.
Don't give up. And don't give into these people. Make sure that the part of you that "lives on" after your consciousness leaves this earth reflects well on your brief visit. That you fulfilled the divine calling to bring just another small ray of Light into a world so immersed in utter darkness, selfishness, and despair. The "Lords of Karma" will lift you up and carry you to a higher place. Never forget that you have your reputation to protect. A small one in this world -- and a more important one in the next.
Use this opportunity well.

  1. James DeMeo, Ph.D., The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Natural Energy Works, Ashland, Oregon, 1999. p. 7. Those within the alternative health care movement are well familiar with the assassination of Wilhelm Reich in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in 1957 -- as if the court order to destroy all books and copies of research journals at that time which even MENTION orgone was not enough, (Case #1056, March 19, 1954, U.S. District Court, Portland, Maine, Judge John D. Clifford, Jr.) I cite this book because the Author's Preface (p. 2 - 9) covers the entire travesty of how the U.S. federal government, and most particularly, the FDA, handle those with effective, low entropy, endosomatic solutions to health care. This is a pattern that you find repeated, over and over, with disturbing regularity.
  2. William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, Common Courage Press; Monroe, Maine; 2000. See Chapter 5 on "Torture," p. 49-57. Also, Chapter 4, "U.S. Army and CIA Training Manuals" (if you have the stomach), p. 43-48; which is pertinent to our discussion. It opens with, "For secret assassinations . . . the contrived accident is the most effective technique." The current situation in Iraqi is not discussed; after all, this book was written in 2000. But our day-to-day protocols as it pertains to torture, 'human resource exploitation,' psychological operations, etc. is provided in nauseating detail.

If You Have To
Skip Something
If, because of its length and limitations on time, you have to skip any of the book, skip Chapter 3. This chapter, along with Chapter 1, is largely autobiographical and is provided to give a personal frame of reference to the rest of the book, vis a vis the author -- and also to give a fuller account to the many thousands of loyal Alpha Omega customers, distributors, medical practitioners, and others who formed a huge network of friends and associates my wife and I enjoyed around the world. We received many hundreds of cards, letters, and email after my arrest -- and no matter how much fictitious skullduggery that U.S. federal agents create to try and bury the memory of the thousands of lives we saved, these people know the truth. Because of their loyalty and caring for us, an honest, truthful, recount of events is the least I can provide. Therefore, the inclusion of this material is really two-fold.
If you don't fit into this category, much of the material in these two chapters may not be as meaningful to you. On the other hand, this book has many sequential elements such that too much skipping will lead to a loss of meaning for many of the nuances in the text that follows. Use your best judgement.

There are too many people to thank in connection with our work. Those of you who are medical doctors or are an allied practitioner and specifically asked me NOT to reveal your identity will find that I have honored your requests. Several of our doctors have already been threatened and harassed since my arrest, and I cannot apologize enough for what you have had to endure in simply trying to get the best products and procedures to your patients. It is an enormous travesty of justice.
I want to also thank the distributors we had outside the U.S., and those of you who took the time to write testimonials and attempt to beseech on our behalf.
Untold gratitude goes to my office staff, Michelle LeBlanc, Tabetha LaDoux, and Zo Farris.
I also want to thank my wife, Cathryn -- for not only being the love of my life, but enduring a far greater burden than I in what we knew from the very beginning would lead to a confrontation with enormously powerful, evil forces. I don't know how I could have held up without you.
"Give me a boat, That can carry two. And both shall row, My love and I."
G J ~

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