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Chapter 9:

Healing Thoughts &
The Power of M-Fields
"Since the earliest of times, communities of people have recognized certain individuals in their midst who possessed a special gift for healing, from Native American shamans to Hindu gurus. The founders of the world's great religions, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed, were all reported to have been gifted healers. Jesus was the best known of all spiritual healers, and he inspired the first generation of Christians to practice healing in community. Jesus said that any who were willing to surrender to a higher power could learn to become healers, whether or not they were Christians."
Russell Targ 1

The first law of thermodynamics is the "conservation law" -- that matter and energy are never created, never destroyed, but simply transfer from one form to another. At a sublime level of human experience -- one that no amount of mathematical formulating or other intellectual modelling can possibly prove, no more than I can prove to you that when I look up into the sky on a clear day I see the color blue -- you get to add something else. Matter and energy are viewable, measureable, attribute-identifiable realities only because of something else: consciousness. That consciousness itself is never created and never destroyed and simply transfers from one form to another smacks of scientific heresy. What, on earth, do you do with such lunacy in a society so committed to the mechanistic? But there it is -- if you have the inner vision to cognize it -- in all its elegant, wondrous, and, yes, simple self-evidence.
The role of consciousness and its manifestation as "thought," is an irrelevancy in the rigid halls of Darwinian evolutionary "science." Never mind that Darwin himself had serious doubts about his own theory, bringing to mind the "second thoughts" of his intellectual, nineteenth century, theorist cousin, Karl Marx ("I am not a Marxist!") The latest battleground in this area, a cornerstone in biological sciences, pits traditional Darwinists against those who argue for "intelligent design." Their primary contentions include: that there is no proof that you can obtain life from randomness, increasing specialty and orderliness from chaos, natural selection from non-selection, natural law from no law, origination from non-origination . . . consciousness from unconsciousness -- all without adult supervision. Indeed, in its strictest interpretation, Darwinism is a rejection of the most basic laws of physics -- it is a celebration of the idea that you can obtain something for nothing, from nothing.
Cracks in the mechanistic egg have come from several sources all at once -- insufficient, of course, to change how organized medicine does business or infuse any logic into the profit-based edicts of the FDA (such as the latest piece of front page lunacy: that lower priced pharmaceuticals in Canada that are made from the same U.S. multinationals -- same drugs, same labs, same labels, same protocols, same everything -- are unsafe). Nonetheless, the cracks are there -- and they are growing daily.
One of the most series flaws in the mechanistic universe of the hardened biologist came in the form of biological transmutations. Although far more respected in Europe and Japan, the work of Professor C. Louis Kervran is now an indisputable fact of scientific life. His discovery that biological organisms are able to literally transmute elements in ways we cannot begin to understand was a blow to Lavoisier's law and the dogma of "the invariability of elements." 2 . Outside the U.S., transmutations are recognized in medicine. The have "opened the door to new treatments and therapeutics for reputedly 'incurable' disease. There are solutions already projected for curing arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, excessive arterial tensions, decalcification, kidney stones, hormonal deficiencies, etc. in a natural way, without danger to the patient. Agronomists are already practicing Kervran's findings on a large scale." 3
That scientists of the mechanistic order would have to acknowledge that life is capable to manipulating and changing elements in ways that inorganic systems, at least from what we have been able to observe so far, are incapable is indignity enough.
Then along comes Rupert Sheldrake and his hypothesis of formative causation -- a theoretical system for explaining the unexplainable by attributing to life forms the ability to reorganize morphology and function over time. Have our immutable Laws of Science always been there, or have they been "developed" over time by the imprint of consciousness, by habits that, in effect, "evolve" into laws? Studying the effects of morphogenetic fields or "M-Fields," one begins to realize that much of what we regard as "reality," as in The Matrix, are just constructs. In this world, as in The Matrix, some laws can be changed; others broken. Do repetitive thought forms make impressions within the universe change these constructs -- these, so-called "immutable laws"? It has been over twenty years since Sheldrake's ground breaking book was published, yet I have found no compelling arguments that the form, development, and behavior of living organisms is NOT shaped and maintained by M-Fields generated by members of that species.
Taking the journey along the Exosomatic Axis to the Endosomatic takes us towards not only an acceptance of transmuting elements and reality-altering M-Fields, but into realms of parapsychology devoted to healing.
The "power of prayer" is an acknowledged phenomena is all twelve major world religions. We can accept -- even if we think that the effect is just occasional, or that it only works for "certain people" -- that prayers, or healing thoughts, can change the outcome in a person's health. And yet few of us will take the time to learn how such practices, like all human endeavors, and be improved upon and perfected further. It is the urge to reach for an exosomatic solution that holds us back. But the answers are within, beckoning us to pay attention.
One of the great anomalies of modern science is that it accepts the mind-body connection with its suits its situational master -- be that of an academic, public relations, or most commonly, commercial nature. And it doesn't suit its purposes, it discards the obvious.
As a young practitioner of meditation in the early 70's, I could see the effects of changes in thought, in my own life and health. I remember attending a Jose Silva Mind Control course in 1973 in Hollywood, California. At that point, I had already been practicing deep meditation for well over a year; and TM for several months. At one point the instructor used a device to show that when participants had their eyes closed and were in a settled state, their brain waves were in "alpha wave" frequency, instead of beta. When the mind was quite active, the device registered "beta. I could sense and control the difference whether I had eyes open or not, whether I was actively "thinking" or not. When the instructor handed me the device, I stared at him while maintaining "alpha." He gave me some math problems to solve, at which point I understood what he was trying to do. I solved the problems while still maintaining "alpha." He took back the device and minimized my participation for the remainder of the course.
But maintaining specific brain frequencies at will is not the same as consciously and willfully influencing deeper bodily function -- let alone treating serious disease. Or is it?
One vanguard in the thick of endosomatic healing is Russell Targ. We talked about him in a previous chapter, but his work bears repeating here. A physicist and pioneer in the field of remote viewing, Targ now gives courses on remote viewing and distant healing. Psychic abilities in this area, like the CIA-funded programs for teaching remote viewing, can be learned. Rigorous testing can be performed to SHOW that individuals can develop extraordinary powers to diagnosis disease . . . and treat the problem. 4

Targ, a true physicist and classically trained scientist, is very emphatic about the empirical aspect of his work. His testing protocols consistently produce results. It can readily shown that these training programs are effective, and in varying degrees from individual to individual -- no doubt influenced by the fact that we all have different degrees of innate psychic talent -- and they work.
Even more exciting is their accumulative effect. As more and more people master remote healing abilities, this activity, in and of itself, will create its own M-field. We have the opportunity to create an inherited, species-wide ability, much as Bucke noted in the growing "cosmic sense" over one hundred years ago -- more likely concurrent with it. 5
As a culture, as a society, we have always viewed progress through the lens of exosomatic development, ignoring the infinite possibilities that reside, unexplored, within the confines of our own internal universe.
That universe, in our age (or yuga) is just now being tapped -- and through circumstances, perhaps more through necessity than volition, it will be developed further. It is the inevitable direction of our race.

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Rupert Sheldrake - A New Science of Life
Response from the orthodox community on the publication of Sheldrake's book in 1991 was one of outrage. "The best candidate for burning there has been for many years," noted Britain's leading scientific magazine, Nature. Nonetheless, Sheldrake's work has laid the groundwork for others to create experimental research that tests and validates Sheldrake's conjectures on the role of morphogenetic fields.

Biological Transmutations - C. Louis Kervran
I became highly intrigued when an associate experienced phenomenal bone healing after breaking a dozen bones upon falling from the roof of his house. He used an organic silica product (horsetail) -- and believed in Kervran's observation that the body converts silicon into usable bone-building calcium. In fact, the notion that dietary calcium builds bone is not supported by empirical study. This observation lead to the development of my own bone building formula -- simply labelled, Bone Builder. When the FDA raided Alpha Omega Labs in Sept., 2003, they destroyed or confiscated not only all the product, but all the raw materials and even the records related to it. These records have never been retrieved.