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Chapter 15:

Meditopia &

Just as a Meditopia requires a political structure and an orientation towards "technology" that understand and respects the importance of maintaining a balanced "endosomatically-leaning" society, it requires a correspondingly supportive culture infrastructure as well. After all, the physical framework of society hinges upon the cultural orientation of its people.
So much wonderful work has been written on this subject that I feel inadequate to do the topic justice in one small chapter. And, again, give the time constraints placed on me by the FDA, I will only provide broad brush strokes here that will be completed in the upcoming print copy of Meditopia.
I believe that it is critical to "Meditopia culture" that citizens have a deep understanding of entropy, which you will remember was our subject in Chapter 5. On its deepest level, an understanding of entropy brings a people into an understanding that there is an equilibrium that exists between people and earth. That the ecological homeostatis must be respected or, sooner or later, there will be hellish consequences to pay.

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Late Note:
This chapter is barely begun -- the most incomplete of all the chapters. Even the offline outline was only in its early stages. I am leaving to go back to prison tomorrow. It will have to wait until I regain my freedom.