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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author
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The books below are organized firstly by author's last name; secondly, by date of publication.
Most of the titles has been made clickable to an internet page providing further details. (Our primary choice is Amazon).) When you see the shading behind the title, you know the link is available.
Authors of note are also shaded and, likewise, have links to biographies providing more detail on their lives and work. (Our primary choice is Wikipedia, due to its comprehensiveness and absence of subscription).
Comments have been added by the Author for select titles which he feels were particularly seminal in producing Meditopia.

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Caton, Greg; MLM Fraud: A Practical Handbook for the Network Marketing Professional, (self-published), 1990. ISBN: 0939955032. Ordered removed from the market by court order, plus gag order -- plus to an astonishing $133,000,000.00 judgement against the author (defendant), under the pretense that the author's (defendant's) deposition responses were incomplete (1996).

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Kuhn, Thomas S.; The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, The University of Chicago Press, 1962. ISBN: 0226458083. This book is hugely important and the internalization of its major concepts should be considered elemental to being an educated person in the 21st century. Known for having coined the expression "paradigm shift," the book is a highly damaging critique of scientism. Even one of its fiercest critics, Steven Weinberg, has remarked, "Structure has had a wider influence than any other book on the history of science." It is not enough to know that Truth is not a criterion of scientific theory. It is more important to know why.

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