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Chapter 4:

Introduction To
The Unifying Principles
"In this world, there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of all mysticism. . . "
Bhagavad-Gita 4:38

Meditopia, the title of this book, is intended to convey a very specific meaning. On the one hand you could look at the word etymologically. Meditopia comes from the Latin "meder" (to heal) and the Greek "topos" (a place). One loose translation might be "a place of healing." My use of the term, however, is not intended to convey geographic location.
Meditopia is about a state of mind that brings about healing and optimal physiological function -- indeed, optimal "human" functioning -- body, mind, and spirit.
Meditopia is about conditions of mind in the person who seeks treatment, and in the healer who is capable of providing relief. It has objective and subjective components; it can be known through the understanding of certain "unifying priniciples," a largely intellectual pursuit, but its more powerful nuances can only be accessed through an expansion in consciousness. 1. In fact, from a higher level of consciousness the "unifying principles" of Meditopia become self-evident. Nonetheless, growth can be obtained by working the process in reverse: if you strive to understand the "Principles," you will, in time, grow in the state of consciousness that correlates to them.
These "unifying principles" are universal natural laws, really, that are greatly at variance with the prevailing paradigms that are the very foundation of modern medicine.
I decided to write this book because I was unable to find anyone who had sutured together these principles in a cohesive, coherent way so that people could understand the "Source of Cures" and make use of it. Some mental effort will have to be applied to understand these principles, but once understood, you will never view your health, or any system of "health care," in the same way again. My inclusion of autobiographical material has served to get the reader to the point where these principles had some situational context as it relates to the author. If you understand the principles, it matters to me not one whit what position you might take as to me, personally -- my life, my work, or my opinions. Ultimately, they are irrelevant.
The Unifying Principles have a life, a power, and a force of their own. The focus should be on that.

Running Alpha Omega Labs for twelve years taught me that if you understood these principles and found ways of employing them in your work, you would open yourself to a world of healing possibilities that bordered on the divine -- a mystical, magical force that is at the very basis of Life itself.
I focussed on the Nine Causes in Chapter One to set the tone on how askew we are in Western Society from employing these Principles. I wanted you to hunger to uncover these secrets I have discovered, and so I laid out for you the enormous cognitive dissonance that the study of escharotics' suppression elicits.
If you want to know the Truth, intellectually, you will find it only in your realization of these Unifying Principles.
In the subsequent chapters of this section (Book II), I have divided the Unifying Principles into five chapters, devoting one chapter to each principle:

Chapter 5: "Entropy & Caton's Exosomatic Axis" Chapter 6: "Occam's Razor & The Power of Simple Solutions" Chapter 7: "Gresham's Law: Its Treacherous Application" Chapter 8: "The Matrix: As Applied to Medicine" Chapter 9: "Healing Thoughts & The Power of M-Fields" Chapter 10: "Medicine & The Law of Evolutionary Potential" Chapter 11: "Organized Medicine: A Terminal Disease. Corollaries of Parkinson's Law"
With this powerful knowledge in hand, you will be able to gather to yourself all the other tools you will need, either as a practitioner or as a lay person wanting to know what treatments are best for you.
Having internalized these Priniciples, you will have opened the door of Knowledge. Once opened, it can never be closed again.
You will be one step closer to escaping the cycle of victimhood that is an endemic part of the orthodox medical establishment.

  1. This line of thought mimics the teachings of many great religious figures -- one of prominence that comes to mind is Patanjali, who saw all "higher powers" (Siddhis) as accessible through "transcendence." See: Russell Targ, Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness, New World Library, Novato, Calif., 2004, p. 21
  2. James Marrs, PSI Spies, AlienZoo Publishing, Phoenix, AZ, 2000. Honest and comprehensive, even at 190 pages. Marrs isn't trying to sell anything, so I trust his work. (Marrs is best known for Crossfire, the most thorough, extensive, and candid assessment of the JFK assasination).
  3. David Morehouse, Psychic Warrior, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1996.
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  5. Courtney Brown, Cosmic Explorers, New American Library, New York, 1999. An early work, Cosmic Voyage, covers similar themes. Interesting, "out there," and, yes, he proselytizes his own brand of RV training.
Russell Targ - Limitless Mind
An example of cutting edge work now coming out on the relationship between health and consciousness is Targ's Limitless Mind (2004). Targ co-founded Stanford Research Institute in 1972, which was instrumental in developing remote viewing protocols, sufficiently advanced that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used them for military intelligence purposes -- uses that continue to this day. (There are several other works that better encapsulate that early era of applied paranormal development.) 2 - 5.
Targ has moved on to a higher calling since working with the CIA. Today he devotes his time to research and leading workshops on remote viewing and distant healing -- clearly endosomatic in nature (though Targ never uses that terminology and may well be unfamiliar with the paradigm).
Two chapters in particular as they relate to new systems of healing that will transform us away from the old exosomatic model: Chapter Five (Intuitive Medical Diagnosis -- Things To Do Before the Doctor Arrives), and Chapter Six (Distant Healing: It is My Mind over Your Matter).
A highly recommended read.