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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author
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As with the Glossary, the links below are bidirectional -- for every link from within the main Meditopia text to this index, there are links below going back to indexed terms. The hypertext figures following the terms below represent the chapter numbers from which the originating anchor link to this index can be found for that word. The same dark greyish-red color has been used linked indexed terms, unless they link to the glossary first, in which case they appearance in the original text is greyish-red in color.

Jordan, Russell T. : (1880-1993). 1
McCreary, Howard : (1880-1993). 1
MedConEx -- short for "Medical Consultants Exchange," the consulting firm Dr. Russell Jordan operated under when the author first met him in 1990. 1
Pauling, Linus : (1880-1993). 1
Vipont Pharmaceutical : 1
Warburg, Otto : 1

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