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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author
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Most of the terms below are technical -- readily found in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), certainly most respectable, unabridged English dictionaries; some of common, but their use in Meditopia carries some specific meaning for which further explanation is needed or required; and some are the creation of the author, as the concepts conveyed have not, to date, been rendered into English.
s All links are bidirectional: for every link from within the main Meditopia text to this glossary, there are links going back to the use of the glossary terms. For this reason -- and to make finding them at a glance easier, the same dark greyish-green color has been used for hyperlinks at both locations. (Linked terms, not found in the glossary, but linked to the book's Index, can be spotted in dark greyish-red.)
The hypertext figures following the terms below represent the chapter numbers from which the originating anchor link to this glossary can be found for that word. (A few experimental clicks and you'll get the idea. The author believes that this simple accommodation will become standard fare in non-fiction, electronic publications of the future.)
escharotic : [used sometimes in the plural: escharotics] : 1
metastasis : 1

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