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Greg Caton
Author, Meditopia®
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Update: June 12, 2012

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The Extraordinary Case of Perry Nichols, M.D.
A 20th Century Story of a Cancer Clinic That Cured Cancer Using Escharotics for 60 Years. (With pictorial).
From 1896 to 1956 -- a span of 60 years -- Perry Nichols, M.D. and his successors cured over 70,000 cases of cancer using escharotic preparations, the last 44 years at a 200-bed hospital/clinic in Savannah, MO (USA). I decided to make this addition to Chapter 2 after having been asked why so many prominent cases of successful cancer clinics exist for the 1800s, but far fewer cases, besides that of Harry Hoxsey, are found in the 20th century.
This additional material begs the question: How is it that an event this momentous and this widely known could be suppressed entirely from the "history books." . . . ?
I explain . . . Posted: 29 April 2017